Taking a break

Please note that the club’s 2016 membership expires on 31 December 2016.

Club membership registrations for 2017 are available online at:  http://wannabees.co.za/membership/

Trail faeries and back-office elves also need to take a short break after a hectic year in the club mill. New registrations will NOT be processed during the last week of December 2016.

Successful membership registrations, i.e. funds reflect in the club’s bank account will be processed up until mid-morning of the 23rd of December 2016. Membership packs will still be delivered by Santa by noon that same day. (We had to bribe the elves with a few ginger biscuits to achieve this goal, but it is considered a small price to pay to keep our good cyclists content).

Please note that the sale of holiday permits will also not be available while the back-office elves are at play during the last week of December.

Normal registration order processing will commence again on the 2nd of January 2017. Allow a day or two for the processing, assembling and delivery of the new 2017 membership packs. If you are not in possession of your new MTB board by beginning January 2017 yet, please do obtain a day permit before venturing out on the club’s trails.

Day permits are be available for those without current MTB boards at the following places:

  • Campus Solutions @ Waterstone Village Centre,
  • Somerbosch wines on the R44
  • Lord Charles Hotel – reception desk

Please plan ahead and register as soon as possible to ensure the best available service.


Be careful of irrigation pipes on the trails

Please be careful of irrigation pipes on the trails. There is currently an irrigation pipe across the trail just after you exit the first bit of single track alongside the Steynsrus Rd. Cyclists cannot see this until you are on it and it did cause some harm this morning.


Security notice

Wouter and his son Shawn were riding at Tru-grit in Sir Louwry’s on Thursday afternoon and was approached by two guys with knives & pepper spray.They took Shawn’s bike. All the security/police in the area was notified. Please stay vigilant when cycling.

Register online

Should you experience problems to log into our website to register for the new season or to register for our Year End Function at Bontevlei on Wednesday, please send me an e-mail to secretary.wannabees@gmail.com and I will try my best to assist you. Esme.


URGENT: Please keep an eye open for a two-way radio that was lost on the trails this morning. If found, PLEASE contact Esme on 0823212222. We would really appreciate your urgent assistance in this regard.

Bike jacking on our trails

Hi All. I was mugged this morning up at the entrance of the Wannabees track on the Faure Farm, just off the uphill road before the WaterWorks. I have not used the tracks for close to a year, and admittedly not aware of the increased muggings in this area. I was riding alone, and 2 assailants with balaclavas and knives jumped out behind bushes and forced me off my bike. It was at the top of the hill, so I was riding very slowly. They took my bike (Black Specialized Crave Comp), my IPhone 7 and Apple IWatch. Luckily I was unharmed as I complied with all their demands. Fortunately on my long walk back home, Craig Henry and a friend of his, stopped and helped me to call my Fiancé to come and collect me. I have reported the incident to the police. Drive safe – David.



A member of ours had a very narrow escape. He was attacked by three people with knives whilst cycling this afternoon. Luckily John pulled a knife to deter the closest one and could speed away and managed to warn another female cyclist. Even so the attackers tried to run them in, throwing large sticks at them. This happened close to the Cell phone tower. It seems as if lone cyclists on hills are the targets. A group of 3 riders reported that they passed the 3 attackers about 20 min after they attacked John. They did not try anything on them. Please ride in groups for your own safety.