Knysna Relief Effort

A call to action for all our members.

Photo: The Citizen –

The club has decided with the help of Henning Swanepoel to send a load of bottled water to Knysna. Henning will make one of his trucks available for the transport. The water will be sent to one of the local Knysna church centres that will do distribution. We would like to request all our members to assist in this. We need bottled water. 1 liter bottles wrapped in 6 packs and also 5 liter bottles.

You can drop this off at the Helderberg NG church centre on Monday from 8 am to 7 pm and Tuesday from 8 am to 11 am. Please send this out to as many of you contacts so that we can make a difference.

Correction: reports of shooting range

Yesterday in the newsflash sent out to members, there was a section in regard to the reports of a shooting range, next to Ella’s Arrival. This is being done on private property, and with permission of the landowner. We will be putting in various cautionary measures for this. If the area is being used for target practice, a traffic cone with a flag will be present when approaching the area. There will be an observer to ensure there is no approaching cyclists before shots are fired. We would like to reiterate there is no risk to cyclists in this area of the trails.