Be careful when approaching Vredenburg Manor House farm entrance

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The gate at the Vredenburg Manor House entrance has been fitted with a sensor to automatically open the gate for outgoing vehicles. The sensor detects metal and has been installed in the paving, near the exit point of the gate. It has been found that bicycles also trigger the gate to open. Naturally, there is no sensor for incoming traffic and cyclists still have to use the slip opening next to the gate to enter the premises.

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Somerbosch closed from 2 tot 22 July

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Kindly note that Somerbosch will be closed from the 2nd to the 22nd of July 2016.  The restaurant will not be open, nor will they sell any day permits during this period.

We wish Marius, Landa and their staff a well deserved break.

Key found at Southey’s

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A key was found at Southey’s on Thursday afternoon 23rd July,  on the footpath near the Radloff street gate. Please contact Wendy if it belongs to you.  Wendy: (021) 85 two 4760.